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Well, Duh: Project 1

I got a computer, a programming languge, and a platform. What the heck could you possibly do with that?


After a year without posting here, perhaps its time to start again.

Baby Steps: Project 0

The Beginnings of a Java project to build a very primitive 2d game engine. A part of my personal quest to master my first programming language after passing the OCA exam.

Put Up or Shut Up

This is supposed to be a programmer blog, not just soapbox to whine about why I'm too lazy to write code. Now that I've reached a milestone in my IT career (becoming a CCNA), I have to decide whether I've actually got the sand to become an engineer, which is to say can I discipline myself to stay focused and actually complete a real software project. If not, I may need to change my focus to network engineering, and change the name of this site.

A Practical Matter

Becoming a Cisco Certified Networking Associate (CCNA) is a big deal. While my initial motivation was to clear my mind to focus on passing the Oracle Java OCA exam, acheiving this career milestone causes me to pause and reflect.

MyWorld (WIP)

Following the beaten path when it comes to learning unfamiliar technologies can leave a beginner frustrated and ultimately limit acheivment. Merely reproducing accepted best practices leaves no room for discovering why these accepted norms emerged in the first place, eliminating opportunities for deep understanding.

Battling Mindless Consumption

I need to kick the social media habit. YouTube videos are a complete waste of time. Even 'instructional' ones because of the surrounding suggestions are dangerous. Mindless consumption has to end.

Poisoned Pixels

Seemingly productive interests can hamper progress in other more important areas when not put in check. My nostalgic pipe-dream of making DOS era video games has proven toxic to my progress in learning modern software engineering.

Depth Challenge (WIP)

Taking a few hours over the Labor Day holiday to block out the world and dig deep into C++.

Digital Demons (WIP)

Many of the struggles I've encountered with learning to code are the results of some bad habits I've nurtured. These habits often emerged from legitimate attempts to progress, but they have grown into formidible monsters that now block my path.

Code Fantasies (WIP)

A post about the sorts of 'dream projects' I fantasize about and hope to one day bring to life. Also, a little insight into what I think makes computers and software so darn intriguing.